About This Site

Tim W HammettHi, this is Tim Hammett writing and I’d like to thank you for visiting and to welcome you to my personal website. This is something like a digital scrapbook where I post information about myself, my on-going interests and my professional projects. I suppose it’s a cross between an electronic business card and a journal. It’s really not surprising that there’s some cross-over between the two because I so much enjoy what I do.

I’m a family-oriented Christian businessman based in Northeast Louisiana, blessed with a fine wife and proud of my grown sons and daughters and grandchildren. I’m an active partner in a real estate development firm called Smart B Homes and CEO of a property appraisal firm called Hammett Real Estate Services.  My business is both building new communities and helping people with evaluating the homes they already have and those they may wish to purchase.  I’m pretty well busy all the time and I like it that way.

I’m an avid golfer and can often be seen on the links at the country club when I’m relaxing between appraisals and my oversight of the construction projects at Douglas Meadows and West Ouachita. I’m local to this area and like to keep abreast of local news and play my part in community activities. So, whether I’m writing about that good Crawfish boil I attended last Saturday night, the book on my bedside table at the moment or cutting the ribbon on a new home next week, it all may find a place on these pages.